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National Players

Sign up to represent your city and your country. Compete against the greatest brains out there in 8 different games. Soon, you may be recognized as the most powerful player in Chess, Chinese Chess, Go(Baduk), Mahjong, Poker, Baccarat, or Blackjack.

Just as Olympic started 120 years ago with a simple idea, this Brain-Sports Tournament may soon become the next big thing in the future. 





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Access that Brain-Sports provide to everyone

What we propose to change or innovate is the perception of table games in general. Only the physically gifted people can play in the Olympics or any famous sports events.


The old and weak can never participate in these physically intense sports events. However, at Brain-Sports Tournaments, anyone can enter and play as a contender. Not too much muscle is needed to flip your cards. Even the elderly can enter the arena. 

You just need to use your brain.






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50 Ways to interact with another

Either online or offline, people can still enjoy competing with one another. Especially after COVID19 in 2020, the way we interact must change for a while and weak a mask to be safe from the pandemic. Using a zoom and online platform, we can still meet people online safely. No risk. Just more fun!






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Generation after Generation

From the young to old, anyone can play these table games. As we all know, there are deep generational gaps more than ever before. Nonetheless, once they learn how to play these games, ages do not matter anymore. Only the skills and fun are required to enjoy them. Once these competitions celebrate and welcome more players around the world, they will learn to better understand and make friends more easily.


We all know. We become friends by playing games. We do not promote wars. We promote friendships. 





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The Wealthy Mind

We do not suggest any gambling with Brain-Sports. This is a purely non-gambling Brain-Sports events that ask every country to represent their country every year to compete globally and internationally. 

Are you ready to rumble? We welcome male to female, young to the old. Anyone can represent your country. Let's get it on.





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Anything can be gambling. Anything can be gaming.

People simply consider Casino gambling; nonetheless, as soon as you eliminate the gambling element, it becomes a simple card game.


Many golf players wager money and gamble over their games. This is not a mere golf game anymore but a gambling event. Therefore, there is a fine line between gambling and pure gaming. Anything can be something instantly.


Furthermore, many kids bet on eSports Tournaments nowadays which makes eSports another sports betting tool. Therefore, once you wager on any event, it can easily become gambling. 




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Welcome Everyone

In the world of instant Video games and fast digital consumptions, these traditional table games may not be so interesting to the young. But this is not the case at all. For thousands of years, these games have tested and survived to exist themselves. These games require more than a sudden urge. It needs passion, dedication, and patience to hone their skills year after year. All the video games have derived from these ancient games in one way or another. 

Just as Jeff Bezos at Amazon has mentioned at his one of interviews, we want to focus on something immortal and immune to ages. Certainly, these games will never lose their popularity forever. 






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Equality Fulfilled for every contender

We cherish all these 8 different games. Some people may raise a question for baccarat and blackjack which is more random than skill-based; however, if you create an equal environment for a contender, these casino games can also be table sports under the same amount of time and chips. 


If you encounter any problem, you can solve it. That is the beauty of life. 






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The Pilot and the Crew

Whether it be Mind-Sports or Brain-Sports, the concept is all the same. We cherish these games and wish to promote them so that more people around the world can enjoy themselves with everybody. This is not rocket science. Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos can handle that. We want to make people happier with games. And that is a worthwhile purpose that we must pursue.


International Brain-Sports
2021 Tournament

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